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Good Afternoon   My name is Aracelis.  I am in the process of educating myself to get back into the Esthetics industry.  Can Estheticians perform Laser Hair Removal in Florida?  
 •  Asked 8 months ago  •  by Aracelis Uribe

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Hi Aracelis,

Michelle is correct! This info comes from the "Florida Board of Medicine". Here's another find from Google:

"In the State of Florida are allowed to perform laser and light-based hair removal only if they have active Electrolysis license, and have been certified as CME by the Society of Clinical & Medical Hair Removal, Inc. (SCMHR) and also have been trained in Laser Hair Removal or graduate from a combined program that includes laser hair removal as part of its curriculum."

Google is always a quick place to see what's going on! But your State Board is where you get your up-to-the-minute facts. No one can be up to date with each US State Boards. That would be a job in and of itself! lol Wishing you success! Lina

Answered 7 months ago  •  by Lina Kennedy

Dear Aracelis,

Currently, the only regulation that directly addresses laser hair removal is Rule 64B8-56.002, F.A.C., which states that electrologists can perform laser hair removal only under the direct supervision of a licensed physician who has been properly trained in hair removal.



Answered 7 months ago  •  by Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner

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