Monday, 11 September 2023 15:48

Dare to Bare: Incorporating Male Waxing in the Spa

Written by   Taylor Wilson

As licensed aestheticians, we have witnessed firsthand the rise in popularity of male waxing over recent years. Therefore, it is essential to be knowledgeable and skilled in this area as demand increases. Adding male-focused waxing can boost your revenue but also set you apart from other waxers in your area.


Any successful waxing experience begins with thorough preparation. During the client consultation, take the time to understand their expectations, concerns, and skin goals. Conduct a comprehensive skin assessment to identify any potential contraindications, such as skin conditions, allergies, or medications, that may affect the waxing process. Educating clients about what you are doing step-by-step and about aftercare is fundamental in managing their expectations about the waxing process and post-wax results. Some male clients just aren’t educated in skin care, ingredients, and the waxing process in general, so making them comfortable throughout the process with education goes a long way.   

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Taylor Wilson is a licensed aesthetician hailing from the Washington Metropolitan area. She’s a graduate of Von Lee International School of Esthetics, founded by the legendary Carole Walderman. She was a wax trainer at a European Wax center and eventually transitioned into her own studio, JB Skin Clinic, full-time, where she provided waxing and skin revision treatments. Realizing she wanted to focus on education and helping other aestheticians reach their goals, she came on board to Starpil as their brand educator.

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