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The New Face of Acne: Bright, Balanced, and Breakout Free

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Acne is no longer just a teenager problem.  Stress, toxic environments, and dehydrated skin must be balanced and exfoliated efficiently for a clear, brighter complexion.  As masking up is part of the new normal, adapting our skin care routines is essential for skin health.  Addressing inflammation, immune response, and hydration give you the tools for achieving bright, balanced, and breakout free skin.

Instructor: Tiffany McLauchlin, LME

Tiffany McLauchlin is a licensed master esthetician and instructor for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah.  As a successful esthetician, trainer, and consultant, she understands the needs of educational institutions, medical offices, and spas. Throughout her career McLauchlin has developed custom treatments, manuals, and school programs for various professional skincare lines. As an experienced presenter and published author, her diversified skill set has allowed her to successfully help market and develop new skin care lines both in the United States and internationally. Tiffany is an Executive Member of Lira Clinical's Education Team.  She resides in Utah, has 4 beautiful children, and enjoys the outdoors and theatre.

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