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Aromatherapy: Pandemic and Beyond

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As we all slowly emerge from The Pandemic and return to work and school, we are entering into a ‘new normal’ that is going to be with us for some time to come.

In as much as we as individuals may or may not have been touched, we do have to consider the wellbeing of our clients as they slowly return to us. Not everyone has been left unscathed.

So, the question is, what can we do and how now do we ensure we meet the needs of our clients to possibly assist them through this strange and difficult time.

Join Trish, in this two- part videos series, as she discusses the science of Aromatherapy and its amazing benefits that can enhance the wellbeing of your clients on both the physical and emotional levels. Experts around the world are clear that we have not one pandemic but two. The first one of course being the virus itself and the second one being the escalating numbers suffering with chronic mental health issues.

Part two will offer guidance and solutions that can be easily incorporated into your esthetics practice, while covering a select group essential oils and their properties relevant to today’s situation to include antivirals for the Spa, blends to boost the immune system and the healing grief and trauma.

Trish Green, founder of Balnea Spa Products in 1992, has been an advocate and educator within the Esthetics and Spa industry for 28 years. Trish is an International speaker, educating aestheticians across the United States and Canada. As a CIDESCO aesthetician, a Homeopathic Practitioner and Internationally trained Aromatherapist, with a strong science background and training to include mental health, she specializes in a complete wellness approach for all women, with special interest in the wellness approach for managing the many aspects of the aging process.

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