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Hair Removal Supplies
Non Woven Strip by Cirepil
Epilating Strips – non woven by Lycon
Large European Wooden Spatula by Starpil
Hard Wax
Tru Blue Hard Wax by Agape
Chocolate Covered Cherry Hard Wax by Candy Coat Beauty
Lycojet Lavender Hot Wax by Lycon
Brazilian Blue Hardwax by Select Spa Source
Natural Hair Removal Product
Pina Colada Non Polymer Hard Wax by Beelicious
SugarLove Organic Sugaring Paste by Jessa Skincare
Nufree Nudesse by Equibal Labs
SeaSmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax by Repechage
Post-Hair Removal Product
Industry Cosmetics- My skin
Prana Anti-Frixion_Powder
Tend Skin
Pre-Hair Removal Product
Vanilla Glace' Pre-Epilation Oil by Candy Coat Beauty
Coconut Foaming Cleanser by KeKo Sugaring
Depilatory Skin Care Lotion by Laboratories Reynard
No Scream Cream by Relax and Wax
Roll-on Wax
Blissful Ultimate Roll On Wax by Agape
FLEX Roll-on by Ital Wax
Aloe Vera Roll-On by Le Seta
Rose Pink Roll-on Wax by Starpil
Sensitive Wax
brilliance by caronlab
Cerazyme by Deplieve
ultra flexxx™: brazilian strawberry by Mancine Cosmetics
Cirepil Blue by Perron Rigot Paris
Soft Wax
Soft Wax by Bushwaxer
Cristal Ocean by Cirepil
Zinc Oxide Wax by GiGi
beBare by Satin smooth
Sugar Paste by Alexandria Professional
Express Paste by Body Sugaring Australia
DaKine Sugar Paste by KeKo Sugaring
Professional Hair Removal Sugaring Paste by Tamara’s
Precision Tweezers by contours RX
Tweezer #R1K911 by Rubis
Slant Tweezers by Tweezerman
Wax Pot
Double Wax Depilatory Heater by Amber
Deluxe Wax Warmer by Depileve
Honee Warmer by GIGI
Bebare Removable Metal Insert Pot by Satin Smooth
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