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Essential Waters in the Spa

Written by Cindy Jones, Ph.D.
Essential Waters in the Spa

Distilled plant waters or essential waters are becoming popular in spas. These distilled plant waters can be confusing and go by many names, including hydrolats, floral waters, herbal waters, toilet waters, aqua vitae, and distillates. In the United States, many people call them hydrosols or herbal distillates. Herbal distillates are obtained by distillation in a similar manner to how essential oils are obtained and have probably been used as medicinals or curables for over 5,000 years.

10 Things to Know About Water

Written by Melanie Sachs
10 Things to Know About Water

Water is very much on the minds of many people at the moment. The West Coast is in its fourth year of drought while much of the rest of the nation is experiencing record rainfall and flood. Nature is offering a reminder of her power and is forcing many to wake up and not take her precious resources for granted.

Bath Therapies

Written by Reinhard R. Bergel, Ph.D.
Bath Therapies

Hydrotherapy, derived from the Greek words hydro and therapeia, meaning water and healing, is the application of water, either internally or externally, for the treatment of physical or psychological dysfunction. Bathing in water has been considered healing since the beginning of recorded time and across many cultures, from Hippocrates in the fourth and fifth centuries B.C., who used hot and cold water to treat a variety of diseases, to the Romans at the beginning of the first century A.D., who constructed therapeutic baths across their empire, to the Japanese, who have used ritual baths from ancient times to the modern day.

Quench Your Health

Aging younger is performing daily housekeeping of your body, which includes drinking the perfect water!
We are undergoing a paradigm shift in America from the sickness industry to the wellness industry. Current medical pharmacological sickness industry thinking is based on treating disease and the wellness industry is about prevention and promoting good health. But chronic disease doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it can actually begin in youth and progress at a sub-clinical level, until it reaches a threshold. When the symptoms appear from a disease, it is oftentimes long after the disease has progressed.

Ending the Drought

Like other organs in the human body, water is the primary component of the skin. Over time and with physiological changes and exposure to the environment, we often find the moisture content of the skin declines resulting in dry skin. Dry skin can be so mild we hardly notice it or so severe it leads to a breakdown in the skin structure and integrity. It may manifest itself in many forms, from a dull, gray-white skin discoloration to dry, rough, scaly patches with cracks or fissures that can cause burning and stinging. When left untreated, the condition invariably worsens.

A Key to Skin Wellness: Balance Hydration

A normal, and ideally optimal, daily level of hydration is fundamental for the health and wellness of every client and especially their skin. This article discusses a balanced hydration, which helps in developing a personalized hydration program for clients. The article presents principles of hydration, which will help therapists understand a client’s current daily patterns of hydration and practical recommendations for adjustments and improvements.Balanced hydration is a key component of hydrotherapy. It combines an understanding of the behavior of water in the human body and how the body naturally and automatically loses predictable amounts of water each day, with suggestions on how to replace the water that is lost by consuming drinking water, beverages, and food to maintain normal hydration and prevent dehydration.

Water: Friend or Foe?

Ask, “What is the definition of spa?” and most replies will have something to do with water. Many historians consider the origin of the word spa to define a place where water is applied therapeutically. The most common image used to identify spas in logos or advertising is water; and in a true wellness spa, water is an iatrical (healing) component at the soul of the spa business.
We all recognize the calming sounds of water. We know we should drink eight glasses of water a day. Soaking in hot, moving water is recognized widely as therapeutic.

Riches of the Sea

What is Thalasso therapy and how can it be used by aestheticians, doctors, cosmetologists, and nail technicians to improve the look and feel of their client's face and body while promoting psychological well-being?

Quest for Pure Water

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been continually searching for the cleanest, best tasting water with the most health benefits. In fact, the quest for pure, sweet tasting water has been going on for longer than the quest for the Holy Grail! Today, the popularity of water is evidenced by the well being of the bottled water industry, creating a convenient way to get the health and good taste of waters from around the globe.