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A Fitness Approach to Skin Care

Written by Heather Fowler, L.E.
A Fitness Approach to Skin Care

A good personal trainer will tell you that the key to a healthy and fit body is a combination of a healthy diet and an effective exercise routine. While a personal trainer can put their clients through a series of exercises, perhaps focusing on building muscle or losing fat, a key factor in how quickly and dramatically changes will be seen will be contingent upon a well-prepared and executed diet plan! Qualified personal trainers are sought out by celebrities and top athletes to challenge their bodies to reach the next level of excellence. A personal trainer not only knows how the body works and how to challenge it, but how to implement a proper nutrition plan that will help clients reach their goals. By applying a personal trainer’s approach, skin care professionals can offer a unique approach to treating their client’s skin.

Revamp Your Lifestyle

Working in an industry that focuses primarily on caring for others may, at times, cause you to neglect your own personal well-being. This may affect the ability to perform at an optimal level in the treatment room. As paying customers, your clients deserve the best services from professionals who are alert, energized and focused. It is essential that you take a moment to indulge in healthy habits that will prove beneficial to your overall wellness. Here are a few things that you can implement into your daily activities to help get you started.

Posture plays an influential role in many ways. It is critical to maintaining your health and physical appearance, two factors that can have a dramatic effect on your life.
I typically start my weekends strolling through the farmers market first thing in the morning. One particular morning, as I wandered through the crowd, I remembered that my latest column needed to be completed over the weekend. Suddenly, it occurred to me that my entire study group and column content was currently walking all around me. A vast selection of ages, genders, genetics and postures were all within arm’s reach. Immediately inspired, I quickly found an empty bench and began to take notes.

How often have you heard somebody say to stop and smell the roses? Well, how often have you actually done it? And I do not mean the roses on your desk from Valentine's Day or your birthday; but the fragrant, soft petaled beauties growing in your garden (or even someone else's)!

Taking It for Granted

It is not very often that we think about how we need to spend time outside and experience nature ...more than we experience our treatment room or office. Let me give you a few examples; perhaps you can relate. Think of what it feels like that first warm, spring day; are they not the most amazing senses?

This month I want to talk about exercise and you. Yes, I mean you – the professional aesthetician. Now, I do not want to preach, but I am going to and I have to tell you how critical exercise is to you and your life. Any time I broach this topic, the non-exercisers immediately come out with “I do not have time,” “It does not fit in my schedule,” or “I just cannot get myself motivated enough.” I have been there; we all have. Unfortunately exercise is critical to you, to everything you do and to everything about you.

Stand Taller for Back to School

Before back-to-school slumps your child back into the "backpack hunch", build their posture awareness and benchmark their growing body with a posture picture.  Annual posture pictures are a great idea to systematically keep an ongoing record of how kids look and stand.  While kids ignore a parent's nagging to "straighten up", when they see an image of their own body hunched makes an impression.

Taking Care of You!

As professional aestheticians, we're caregivers, "people" people, nurturers, and emotional laundry bins. We give all of ourselves to our work, our clients, our family, and our friends… often to find that there is simply not a whole lot left for ourselves. So this month's article is just for you, and only you; this month, it's all about you.
Perhaps you can relate… this year is a "significant" birthday for me… yeah, I'm not going to say it, but one that I truly thought would never happen. I have watched my babies grow from completely dependent tiny little beings, to five-foot eleven, 150 pound high schoolers' (ugh).