May 2016


Robin-helixCOO and President of Helix BioMedix, Inc.
Robin Carmichael

“Travel and aging skin are double trouble! Apothederm® Firming Serum is a life-saver, especially when flying. This serum provides an extra boost of hydration from glycerin and trehalose that immediately kicks in to soften and revive my skin. Thermus ferment helps detoxify while palmaria palmata works to brighten my skin. Our patented SmartPeptides®, (palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 and heptapeptide-7) help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product is great for mature skin and also for use at night. I love it and so do our customers!”


cindy-aromaticsCEO and Founder of Colorado Aromatics
Cindy Jones, Ph.D.

“The Colorado climate, coupled with my outdoor lifestyle, contributes to the premature aging of my skin. I love Springtide Gold Face Cream because it contains herb extracts, antioxidants, and peptides that decrease skin damage caused by the environment and support collagen, keeping my skin healthy and looking great. Its rich texture reduces redness and irritation caused by the wind and other elements. I think it is everyone’s favorite product at Colorado Aromatics.”


biosollsCo-founders of Biosolis
Cedric Mourlon Beernaert and Antoine d'Ydewalle

“We created Biosolis in 2010 after we realized that there was a lack of quality, organic sun care products on the market. Now, our entire families use the complete line. We both use Biosolis Precious Oil on a daily basis to fortify and repair our skin; we have never had a sun or age spot since we started using it. It contains karanja, rapeseed, jojoba, and argan oils to stop the aging process and moisturize the skin.”


vida-blueCEO of Blue Beautifly
Vida Karamooz, Ph.D.

“When it comes to strengthening my skin’s natural, regenerative process, Organic Regenerating Oil Serum is my go-to product. My skin feels supercharged, hydrated, youthful, and radiant after each use. More specifically, I take particular comfort in the abundance of live organic floral extracts and nourishing precious oils of sea buckthorn berry, pomegranate, tamanu, black seed, argan, jojoba, and camellia seed in each drop. My skin just loves this magical serum.”


dermal-ReneManaging Director for Dermal Systems Inc.
René Serbon

“I love using Observ® 520 because it allows for the documentation of baseline images or measurements that can later be used for comparison when analyzing treatment progress. It also sets a professional standard in which I can more accurately educate my clients, help to scientifically-establish treatment and homecare protocols, and evidentially support my reasons when referring to medical professionals. The skin is serious business and I take the protection and repair of this integument just as seriously.”


CEO and Founder of DermAware® Bio-Targeted

Skin Care Gül Zone

“I cannot get enough of True Beauty Serum because it contains advanced bio-active messengers that stimulate natural regenerative processes within the skin to offset wrinkle formation, re-establish firmness, and provide pigment control. Furthemore, this serum also contains a cascade of hydrating technologies that plump fine lines, firm the skin, and, ultimately, let my true beauty glow.”


President of True Promise Beauty
Gail Johnson

true-Gail“ONE, Ten-in-ONE Multi-Treatment Facial Cream is unique because it instantly erases fine lines, shrinks pores, mattes shine, and acts as a retexturizing makeup primer. It can be worn under or over makeup and acts as a powder alternative against cakey powder buildup. It is also an after-shave balm, a day and
nighttime face lift, and an incredible hand cream. I love this cream because it is packed with vitamins, 10% argireline, 3% hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and botanicals. It firms, lifts, and tightens my skin.”


Elixheal-LoredanaOwner and Founder of Elixheal™ Skincare
Loredana Farina

“I developed Skinens® because I am aware that mature skin needs to be treated on four main levels: protection and nourishment, skin renewal, hydration and suppleness, and skin complexion. Skinens is able to provide an overall, therapeutic action due to HydroActive Complex, which maintains epithelial water balance; Derma-Regenerating Complex, which gently exfoliates; Grundeline Complex, which has anti-free radical properties; and Depigmenting Complex, which has a fast lightening effect on post-treatment signs.”

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