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Leading the Pack

Alicia Grande CEO of Grande Cosmetics

After 25 years in the anti-aging, skin care and beauty industries interviewing doctors and scientists about new innovative products, I truly believed I had seen it all! As I got older and became a wife and mother, my interest in anti-aging products grew more personal. I looked for products that would restore or slow down my own aging process. In 2009, I discovered the secret to naturally beautiful eyelashes, an eyelash-enhancing conditioner I called GrandeLASH-MD. I finally found a powerful product that offered me such outstanding results it inspired me to create Grande Cosmetics, my own results-driven line of innovative cosmetics, serums, and conditioners. Armed with the secret to restoring and maintaining my natural eyelashes, hair, lips, and eyebrows, I wanted to share it with as many women as possible!

Claudio Difiore president and co-owner of Bio France Lab

With25 years of successful industry experience in Europe and the United States, in both skin care and retail with Lab-Series, Estée lauder, The Art of Shaving, and more, Claudio Difiore created Bio France Lab. This company offers natural and botanical luxury skin care products at an affordable cost. Combined exposure to both product development and branding for many very well-known skin care companies has yielded products that have been well-received by the wholesale and spa industry.

Ryan Rabah president and co-founder of Rezenerate

Ryan Rabah entered the aesthetic world with the introduction of the award-winning ‘Rezenerate’ modality and its revolutionary ‘Rezenerate NanoFacial.’ In addition to founding Rezenerate, Rabah is an attorney with a focus on Esthetics Licensing issues and is a vocal proponent of Esthetician Rights. To that end, he was recently invited to the Advisory Board of The Esthetician Connection, the premier networking platform for aestheticians, and he frequently collaborates with organizations nationwide that work to uphold the integrity of the industry by supporting aestheticians.

Robert Trow

CEO of ROCASUBA – RapidLash

Rob Trow began his career in higher education, serving for over two decades as a professor and administrator at several universities and as a consultant to the corporate world. He holds two masters degrees and did his doctorial studies at Harvard University.

Patrick Johnson

Written by CEO and president of BioPhotas, Inc.
Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson is the CEO of BioPhotas, Inc. and the inventor of the award-winning Celluma. He has served as a senior executive in medical device companies, both public and private, for over 20 years. Considered an authority on the science of light therapy, Johnson's expertise is sought after worldwide.

Kathleen Carney

Kathleen Carney is extremely passionate about skin care, hair removal, and product formulating. Being a seasoned aesthetician and owner of Skin Blends Medical SPAtique, she keeps current on the latest trends and treatment modalities by training her staff and other skin care professionals. She founded Skin Blends in 1999 with gender-neutral packaging and color-, fragrance-, and cruelty-free products. Her formulas are constantly evolving based on the latest research and clinical studies. Skin Blends also distributes Cirepil Wax, Agape Pure Wax, Aglow Cosmetics, and Tweezerman supplies.

Christine Heathman

A nominated Legend in Aesthetics and recipient of the prestigious Crystal Award for Skin Care, Christine Heathman initiated the first master aesthetic license in Utah and paved the way for other states to follow. She currently serves on the Utah State Board for Master Aestheticians, and is the CEO and formulator of the award-winning professional skin care line, GlyMed Plus. A true aesthetician, educator, author, formulator, and advocate for aestheticians, Heathman is dedicated to the integrity of the professional skin care industry.

Rhonda Allison

Rhonda Allison is the founder of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, a leader in professional skin care and a globally recognized name. Allison is respected worldwide for her innovative work in the field of skin rejuvenation with acids, chemical peels, and cosmeceutical skin care and is a highly-regarded speaker, author, and educator. Through her experience as an aesthetician, she observed the importance of utilizing active ingredients and treatments to produce real results for clients. This realization set her on the path of developing products that would forever change the landscape of skin care for countless aesthetic professionals and discerning consumers.

Victoria Tabak licensed aesthetician and president of Nature Pure Labs

Victoria Tabak began her involvement in the beauty industry early in life. With over 19 years in the industry, she has spent 10 of those years as an educator and speaker, inspiring skin care professionals to be knowledgeable and empowered in their own businesses. She is very proud that she became a two-state licensed aesthetician and earned a master's degree in business by the time she was 21 years old, while also studying chemistry as a minor. For many years, Tabak has promoted age prevention and wellness.

Normajean Fusco president and owner of Equibal Inc.

Forty years ago, Normajean Fusco founded Equibal Labs. She was inspired by the childhood influence of her nature-loving grandfather. Nufree® was originally developed for use on patients prior to cosmetic surgery, but was brought to the professional beauty industry at the request of spa and salon owners whose clients needed a superior alternative to waxing.

Rachael Pontillo: L.E., creator of Holistically Haute™ and president and co-founder  of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance

Rachael Pontillo is the bestselling author of "Love Your Skin, Love Yourself" and co-author of "The Sauce Code." She is an AADP and IAHC Board Certified International Health Coach, licensed aesthetician, certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner®, a natural skin care formulator and educator, and a holistic business mentor. Pontillo is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling and holds additional certifications in metaphysical science, detoxification, acupressure, Reiki, Chinese facial diagnosis, and Ayurveda. She is an avid herbalist, self-professed skin care ingredient junkie, and lifelong learner.

Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor was born and raised in New York and her canvases are the faces of top models, politicians, professional athletes, and musicians. Her work has been featured in top fashion magazines and editorials, including Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan, along with books such as "Crazy, Sexy, Cool" and the autobiography, "Life," by Keith Richards. She has also been a keynote speaker on makeup techniques that are published worldwide. Taylor is an innovator in the cosmetic industry, creating new ideas and exciting new trends.


Louise Marchesin: Global Head of Marketing at Skinade

Originally from Denmark, Louise Marchesin grew up all around the world and, after graduating with her MBA, settled in London in her mid-twenties, where she integrated the Estée Lauder Companies. Spending 15 years at that company allowed her to build a wealth of knowledge in both luxury branding and brand management within a number of product categories. Now Global Head of Marketing for Skinade, Marchesin is helping to educate consumers about the importance of caring for their skin from the inside.

Max Recone: Co-owner of Lipo-Light™ North America

Max Recone has been involved in the professional beauty industry with brands such as Jhirmack Professional Hair & Skin Care Products, Banana Boat Skin Care, California Tan Skin Care, and MR International Skin Care. Lipo-Light North America is based in Long Island and is the North American importer for slim-light body sculpting systems.

Jacqui Dunal founder of Naturel Collagen Canada

Jacqui Dunal's determined approach to finding the finest skin care and health products for her own well-being led to her discovering fish-derived, biologically active, collagen-hydrate products that truly penetrate the skin's multiple layers to replenish collagen-depleted cells due to aging. After five short years in the cosmetics industry, in 2014, viewers on five continents and more than 500 accomplished industry professionals voted Dunal a leader in the skin care industry and the winner of Multi Media Productions' prestigious and highest award, the Silver Telly.

Michelle D’Allaird-Brenner, L.E. -- Owner of Aesthetic Science Institute

Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner is a licensed aesthetician, cosmetologist, CIDESCO diplomat, and the owner of Aesthetic Science Institute (ASI), based in Latham, N.Y. She has over 25 years of experience in the skin care and beauty industries, including teaching, curriculum and test development, speaking, and writing. D'Allaird-Brenner is also the director of education for Aesthetics International Association and a member of Professional Beauty Association and American Association of Cosmetology Schools. Her experience, expertise, and motivation has positioned her as a world-renowned skin care expert, providing education and training in over 30 countries.

Boldijarre Koronczay, L.E., L.M.T. | President of Éminence Organic Skin Care

Boldijarre Koronczay, recipient of the ISPA Visionary Award, is an icon of the spa industry. After surviving leukemia during his childhood in Hungary, Koronczay moved to Vancouver, Canada with his brother to follow their dreams. Today, Éminence Organic Skin Care is an internationally recognized brand. Koronczay has personally trained over a quarter of a million skin care professionals in the past two decades.

Lina Kennedy | President and CEO of Alexandria Professional

With a passion for excellence and the gift of inspiring others, Lina Kennedy has become a leader in the skin care industry. As a top 10 finalist for Professional Beauty Association’s national Beauty Pitch and a nominee for the 2015 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Kennedy has been featured in numerous beauty, spa, and aesthetic magazines and is a sought-after guest speaker for beauty tradeshows across North America.

Elizabeth Cardarelli, L.E. Creator and Founder of Avery Graham Skincare

Elizabeth Cardarelli pioneered the field of medical aesthetics 25 years ago with the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Philadelphia, Penn. to educate, inspire, and serve as a trusted, personal navigator to patients in becoming the healthiest, best version of themselves. With integrity, intent, and a focus on the perfect combination of wellness, science, and nature, Cardarelli continues to lead the pack as a worthy trailblazer.

Maribeth Melton, L.E. NovaLash® LASHoff 2016 Lash Artist of the Year

Maribeth Melton has been in the industry for 3.5 years. She is a licensed aesthetician and has an Associate's Degree in Aesthetics. She is also a sugar practitioner, certified eyelash extensionist, and an American Volume extensionist. She is incredibly honored to be the winner of the 2016 Novalash Lashoff Melton tries to expose herself to all aspects of the aesthetics industry by attending tradeshows, reading industry publications, and interacting with other business owners and aestheticians.

Jean-Marc Sirop | CEO of Perron Rigot Inc. and Cirépil

Written by CEO of Perron Rigot Inc. and Cirépil
Jean-Marc Sirop | CEO of Perron Rigot Inc. and Cirépil

Jean-Marc Sirop has been in the aesthetics industry for over 15 years. He originally started with L’Oréal’s Mass Market Division and then moved into the professional beauty sector with the Thalgo Group, a prominent, professional, product-manufacturing company in France. Although he initially began his career as a marketer, he eventually took the position of development manager with the Thalgo Group. He also defends the industry through various boards by representing the French professional union and their beauty salons.

Howard Kaminsky | President, Entrepeneur, Lawyer

Howard Kaminsky, president of B. Kamins, with the scientific expertise of his father, Ben Kaminsky, a world-renown pharmaceutical chemist and director of Odan Laboratories in Montreal, and his savvy business acumencreated B. Kamins.

Linda Nelson | Naturopathic Doctor, Mother, Reflexologist,  Master Aesthetician

In August 1979, after more than three years of rapidly declining health, Linda Nelson was left nearly disabled by pain, fatigue, and depression.

Johnnette du Rand | Educator, Oncology Therapist, Aesthetician

Johnnette du Rand, a Greet The Day co-founder, a program offered for people nearing completion of cancer treatment, is an oncology therapist and educator in hospital, hospice, and spa settings. She is a board member for the International Society of Oncology Estheticians and a charter member for the Society of Oncology Massage.

Clara Macchiella Corradini | Mother, Entrepreneur, Training Director, Research and  Development Director

Bioline Jato’s founder and owner, Clara Corradini, got her start in skin care at the only professional beauty school in Bolzano. Shortly after, she received a two-year specialization master’s degree at the school’s headquarter in Bologna and then moved on to manage one of the school’s local branches in Trento. Corradini successfully bought that branch and started her own school and beauty center next door. Years later, she was presented the opportunity to start her own skin care line with her husband, Marco.

Barbara Panagos: Professional Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Industry Leader, Founder

Barbara Panagos has been in the cosmetics industry since 1975, starting as a buyer and top salesperson for a retail operation involving three stores. When the opportunity arose, she started Brush Up with Barbara, a cosmetic and aesthetic brush company, followed by Mineral Mine Inc., a line of high quality, United States-made mineral makeup with added vitamins and lavender aromas. She has since added the branded lines as Barbara Panagos Cosmetics and Wundercover concealing cream. With world-class customer service, she is currently celebrating 27 years in business.

Sara Fulton: Chemist, Author, Researcher, Speaker, Grandmother

Vivant Skin Care's president and co-founder Sara Fulton has dedicated over 40 years to producing ground-breaking skin care. She started her career in research while obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree at Drexel University inPhiladelphia, Penn. She was one of the first women to own and operate an FDA-approved manufacturing facility.In addition, she managed 20 dermatology clinics throughout the United States and abroad. She continues to be a pioneer in the skin care industry.

Guy Ehring and Mariet van der Starre  Entrepreneurs, Co-Owners, Educators, Parents

Guy Ehring and Mariet van der Starre are CEO and national training director, respectively, of Thalgo America. Ehring, whose background includes manufacturing, distribution, and consumer services, decided to join the high-end skin care industry and purchased majority ownership. Starre, from the hospitality industry, joined him a few years later. Both have been working together managing the business ever since.

Kris Campbell | Author, Presenter, National Educator

Kris Campbell, L.E., C.O.E., is brand manager and national educator of Tecniche® LLC, a skin care line dedicated to those with very sensitive skin caused by persistent health issues like cancer and diabetes or periodic issues like cosmetic irritation. Campbell trains on awareness and ingredients, writes for trade publications, and speaks at trade events about the many conditions that arise with the aesthetic management of health – challenged skin, including oncology implications. Having previously worked for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cosmeceutical manufacturer, Campbell also conceptualizes product development for Tecniche.

April Zangl | Entrepreneur, Skin ingredient expert, Health  promotion professional

April Zangl has been HydroPeptide’s CEO and co-formulator since 2004 and works closely with HydroPeptide's Scientific Advisory Board in researching new peptides and their benefits.

Margarita Saian | Entrepreneur, Aesthetician, Mother, Educator, Speaker

Margarita Saian is a state-certified educator, ambassador of the Aesthetic International Association, and founder and president of SAIAN LLC Natural Clinical Skincare. She has been in the skin care industry for over 20 years and has studied aesthetics and mesotherapy in the United States and France. In addition to being a licensed aesthetician, she is a certified medical assistant (CMA)/cardiac technician, national certified phlebotomy technician, certified electrocardiogram (ECG), and certified nutrition and wellness consultant. She has had the honor of training skin care professionals, nurses, and doctors worldwide. Saian is constantly researching new ways to raise industry standards and improve her company’s product line! She actively practices a healthy lifestyle and is an advocate of natural living, positive thinking, and endless possibilities.

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