Popular Makeup Trends for the Winter Season

Written by Lori Leib, creative director for Bodyography Professional Cosmetics

Much like the 2016 winter fashion trends, makeup is taking an even more artistic turn; individuality is being embraced and praised and off-the-wall colors and textures are adorning everything from tips to lips and eyes. The runways provided a wide array of stunning fashion ensembles that included everything from metallic woven fabric and Barbie pink fur to wild prints and ruffles of all shapes and sizes.

There have been some amazing makeup formulations, textures, and colors created over the last few years, including liquid lipsticks in every color of the rainbow and holographic cheek highlighters that make disco balls seem dull.pic-one

Glitter is not new to the makeup world, but it has taken on a new role as the focal point of a look. For winter 2016, especially around the holiday season, clients will find glitter gracing the eyelids, lips, and cheeks of all the it girls. At Burberry, chunky glitter was seen sparsely placed under the eyes and on the cheekbones. It is the easiest look of the season since many people get glitter on the tops of their cheekbones when applying glitter to their eyes. More modest makeup clients can line their upper eyelash line with glitter for a sparkle with every blink, as well as applying it to the center of their lips for extra glisten and the appearance of fullness. Fortunately, today's glitter is so finely milled that it is comfortable to wear on the skin and does not feel or look chunky.

Gothic-inspired makeup will also be a hit this winter. To pull off a dark berry or purple gothic lip, it is best to keep the rest of the look minimal. A matte gothic-inspired lip paired with glowing gorgeous skin and a heavy cheekbone highlight, groomed eyebrows and eyelashes, and a bit of bronzer is a great look. With the rise of liquid lipstick formulations, clients do not have to worry about a bold lip fading throughout the day.

pic-twoFor the eyes, the winter season will be all about graphic artistic eyeliner, neutral cut creases, and the always in style smoky eye. For eyeliner, instead of a traditional cat eye, makeup artists will use brushstrokes to create artistic lines on and around the eyelid. Diane Von Furstenberg showcased a gorgeous neutral brown cut crease that was softer than the normal cut crease, but extremely effective. This season, smoky eyes will be softly blown out and rich in pigment, all black, or seen with a metallic sparkle in the inner corner or center of the eyelid, giving the eye a halo effect. All of these eye looks are extremely versatile and can be worn to the extreme or softer for a lighter look.

Rounding out the trends, a bevy of metallic products will be seen mostly on the eyelids and lips, in rich shades and unique textures. Metallics are great to work with because of their ability to layer beautifully and create a multidimensional effect. Holographic blushes, highlighters, and glosses were also featured this season on the runway.

Runways are being filled with glitter, metallic colors, and gothic-inspired looks. For makeup lovers, this winter is a great time to try new, seasonal trends.

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