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Tips and Tricks

How do you convince clients to  maintain a homecare routine?

"I tell them that if they do not keep up with their homecare regimen, it will completely undo everything we have been trying to accomplish in the treatment room. Not keeping up with their routine would be a waste of money and we would possibly need to start over."
Khala Young, owner of Juste Moi

What tips do you have for keeping the spa clean?

I think the greatest tip is to schedule time to clean, disinfect, and organize. A client should feel as though they are walking into opening day every time they visit the spa. I have noticed that this process also allows me to be more efficient as I am more relaxed and organized with my services.--Richard Merrill-Rivas, aesthetician and educator at Richard Merrill-Rivas

What tips do you have for upselling product?

"I prefer to educate my clients on the benefits of the product so they understand how it will help them and encourage healthy skin. Educating clients always works out better than pushing products on them that they do not feel they need or want." --Rebecca Wilcox, owner of SkinBliss Medi Spa

"Be sure that clients are aware of the product's benefits. When a client does not know how a specific product works, they can experience a number of 'unexpected' side effects. I always recommend two or three different products that would offer numerous benefits to the client's specific skin concerns."  --Melissa Evans, Manager at Serenity Day Spa

'Do not be too hard on yourself; failures do not define who we are. I know it can be hard to see the big picture or exactly where the path is leading, but there is a reason for it. My advice is to take the experience and learn from it. Nobody wants to fail, but when you do, it gives you the opportunity to grow. How you resolve problems really shows who you are as a person. Be a survivor! Take it one step at a time and reevaluate what happened and why it went wrong. Do not give up on yourself. We all fail before we succeed.'--Sarah Robbins, lead educator for GlyMed Plus

What tips do you have for staying calm with difficult clients?

"Never stop smiling! Look them in the eye and say, 'What can I do to make the situation better?' Be sincere and keep smiling. It is pretty hard for a difficult client to remain angry when you are smiling at them and truly being sincere. I find that most unhappy clients just need to vent and really want someone to sincerely listen to their concern." -- Marge Daidone, instructor and coordinator at Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center

What tips do you have for  conducting a successful interview?

"Being prepared almost always translates to success. I always have a list of questions and a copy of the candidate's resume in the room with me. I also like to thoroughly read their resume beforehand and try to tailor the questions I ask to their previous job or school experience. I always try to be as prepared as possible with my answers as well; it is important for me to have a salary in mind and know the particulars of their job duties. Being prepared with both my questions and my answers shows the candidate that my spa is professional and organized." Makenna Jones, owner of Awe Spa 200

What tips do you have for creating effective retail displays in your spa?

The most important aspect of creating an effective retail display is to try to engage more than one of the clients' senses. While great and enticing visual displays will initially draw them to the retail area of the spa, incorporating another sense usually encourages them to buy. For example, when I have a particular product out on display, I always have a sample size available for testing.

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