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Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa

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Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa

17110 Dallas Pkwy #105
Dallas, Texas 75248
(855) 563-3772
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Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa was founded 2013 upon the desire and passion of Michelle De Leon and Jim White. Aesthetic Laser Academy has been awarded the Certificate of Membership as an AIA sponsored School (Aesthetics International Association) After many years in the aesthetic and laser industry, Michelle felt that a large piece of the education puzzle was missing. She asked herself what that the piece was...and she discovered that it was personalization of classes. Contributing extra time and effort to give pupils the sufficient support needed-- all to help the laser industry in enlisting strong and competent laser hair technicians, would be a part of her unrelenting foci.

With these beliefs, the Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa has developed a curriculum based upon scientific knowledge, results driven treatments, intimate learning environments, and strong enforcement of safety practices. The founders' ideologies also focused on ensuring that EACH student was comfortable and competent as a Laser Hair Technician, before graduating and embarking on its high demanding work force.

Aesthetic Laser Academy graduates have contributed greatly to the Texas workforce. The Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa proudly promotes an open-door policy, which allows each graduate to return for hands-on refresher training, to provide each laser hair technician with superior advantages over cutting edge technologies and procedures.

Procedures such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and laser facials are just a few of the dynamic procedures that our courses can provide. Each course has been certified and accredited by the state of Texas, and are taught with various approaches to meet each student's learning style and needs. Hands-on training is a standard part of the course curriculum, with experienced Professional Level Educators guiding students throughout the treatment process.

With strong support from the community, and competent and ethical staff, Aesthetic Laser Academy and Spa has set the standard in the laser technician educational arena.

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