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  • Innovative products at Radio World

    Innovative products at Radio World

    Created on: Thursday, 25 May 2017
    Radioworld UK has a list of products like Ham Radio, novice radios, CB radio, radio scanners, DAB radio, Robert’s radios and antenna tuners. Radioworld have been delivering their products since 1997, and have developed into one of the biggest providers of radio correspondences hardware inside the United Kingdom. Why Radioworld? 1. International delivery - UK delivery within 2 working days, International delivery within 7 working...
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  • Pittsburgh Esthetician\'s

    Pittsburgh Esthetician\'s

    Created on: Wednesday, 08 October 2014
    This is a group for Esthetician's in and around the Pittsburgh area in the state of Pennsylvania. Estheticians in this group can help encourage and mentor each other. Its also a great way to see and learn about what is trending in our area.
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  • The Independent Esthetician

    The Independent Esthetician

    Created on: Monday, 25 June 2012
    Topics of discussion for solo skincare practitioners led by 30-year esthetics professional and mentor, Douglas Preston
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  • Full Service Salon/Spa Owners

    Full Service Salon/Spa Owners

    Created on: Saturday, 26 March 2011
    Salon/Spa owners and astheticians that want to share information about employment and maintaining a culture that provides improved skills and knowledge, growth and opportunity. We would encourage owners and technicians to participate in order to get a viewpoints from every perspective.
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  • Body Sugaring Hair Removal

    Body Sugaring Hair Removal

    Created on: Saturday, 15 January 2011
    This group is created to discuss all things Sweet! Sugaring vs Waxing, What you are doing to promote your sugaring services, what problems are you encountering, how has sugaring improved your business.
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  • New and upcoming artist

    New and upcoming artist

    Created on: Thursday, 21 October 2010
    young women wanting to futher their career in makeup artisty
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  • Eyelash Extension Professionals

    Eyelash Extension Professionals

    Created on: Friday, 08 October 2010
    This Group is for aestheticians, salons and spas, or other professionals that provide eyelash extension services to network with each other. This community was created with the purpose of sharing experiences, asking questions, getting help, offering suggestions, and sharing new knowledge between professionals in the industry.
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  • Permanent Makeup

    Permanent Makeup

    Created on: Tuesday, 21 September 2010
    Anyone who would like to have the support of other permanent makeup artists, ask questions, give helpful tips, are welcome to join this group.
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  • State laws and regulations

    State laws and regulations

    Created on: Sunday, 12 September 2010
    I need All AIA Aestheticians to keep me updated on the latest changes in rules and regulations. We are now addressing the latest derma planning tool being band the state believes we need to take a barbering class! Can you believe this! We can apply hot wax to the face but we can not take a Derma planning tool to the face which I believe is safer and less chance of burning or damaging facial skin. The next meeting is coming up in October...
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  • California Aestheticians

    California Aestheticians

    Created on: Wednesday, 01 September 2010
    I'm creating this group to unite California Aestheticians. This is a great opportunity for us to work together as a group to better our industry. Feel free to add to the discussion board. Our board Rules and Regulations do need to be updated. There's always a better chance when we work as a group so I hope you join and share with us all. If you have any ideas and suggestions, We'd love to hear it. Tina K
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