This year's Golden Mask for Make-Up Art Award has been presented to Laila Hamidi.

This year's Golden Mask for Make-Up Art Award has been presented to Laila Hamidi. This prize is regularly awarded to makeup artists by KRYOLAN Professional and Messe Düsseldorf at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF and honors the winner's special creativity, technical expertise, and outstanding dedication to the professional image of makeup artists.

Laila Hamidi, who can look back to an amazing career, is among the great artists in the global fashion and beauty industries. She is considered to be one of the most talented and successful makeup pic1artists and stylists in international show business. She specializes in the styling of celebrities for exclusive performances, film recordings, and photoshoots. Professor Michael Schmidt received the Life of Beauty Award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2017. This award honors people for their special merits in professional cosmetics and for being driving forces in the industry. Schmidt is a sought-after professional expert in the cosmetics industry. The biochemist and skin physiologist gave his first professional lecture to cosmeticians in 1988. Since then, he has written numerous professional articles and spoken at independent training events, creating important stimuli in the cosmetics industry. Schmidt has been the technical director and academic advisor of the BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF Trend Forum for over 10 years.

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